The Land Use Academy benefits from the dedication, insights, and expertise of a number of key groups and individuals, for example:

The OPM Office of Responsible Growth
The Land Use Academy receives critical support from the Office of Responsible Growth. Established by Executive Order 15, the office coordinates state efforts to revitalize cities, preserve the unique charm of the state and build livable, economically strong communities while protecting natural resources.

The Connecticut Bar Association, Planning & Zoning Section
The Connecticut Bar Association takes the lead in providing legal instruction and curriculum advice to the Land Use Academy. Over the years, a number of member attorneys have donated their time to supporting the education of local land use commissioners through the Academy program.

The Connecticut Chapter of the American Planning Association
A longstanding supporter of the Academy, CCAPA works to promote the practice of good planning in Connecticut by providing information about planning issues and techniques and building awareness of planning. Both leaders and members of the Connecticut chapter have been generous advocates of the Academy training series.

Regional Council of Governments
The nine Regional Council of Governments in Connecticut have long been key motivators of land use education among their member municipalities. Patently, the Academy benefits in many ways from their generous support in areas of marketing, logistics, and leadership.